Blulog 36 Single Use Temperature Datalogger

• 36 day single-use loggers (10 minute recording intervals)
• -40°C to 60°C temp. measurement
• Calibration Report
• Use Android App for Smartphone or Industrial Handheld Device for Harsh Environments
• Free service of cloud storage (BluConsole) for logged data and PDF reports
• Geolocation and temperature logged at download locations for supply chain tracking
• Small business card size package and very thin - adhesive backing for quick apply onto packaging
• Instant PDF temperature report generated on demand
• Near Field Communication (NFC) for wireless setup and data download
• Humidity option available
• Optional tethered temperature probe (1 meter) for pulp temperature measurement

Product Details

NFC Temperature Data Logger : To access data easily via smart android phone

High precision : 0.2°C precision between 0 and 30°C and 0.4°C on the rest of the range -30 to +70°C, with calibration certificate provided

Alerts : Personalized diodes enable the receiver to directly see if the cold chain has been breached during transport

Free Cloud Service and Security :Access to temperature history is protected via PIN code and data transferred to the cloud is encrypted

Ergonomic Design : Just 2.5mm thick, it can be directly integrated in packaging and programmed with any shipping or product information

Free Calibration Certificate :All Blulog NFC dataloggers come with calibration certificate, its validity is one year

Free Software:  Downloaded easily from Google Play Store

Geolocation recording with each scan

Simple, reliable and low cost product monitoring begins with Blulog NFC Temperature Data Loggers from Meksem Engineering

Blulog NFC Temperature Data Loggers provide small, wireless temperature monitoring. At just the size of a business card, these lightweight, fully sealed data loggers don’t waste valuable shipping or storage space.

They are installable in seconds and readable on the spot with a NFC reader or Android mobile device - no need to remove the logger and read it on a PC! Don’t let the small size fool you, though. The blulog NFC data loggers are manufactured to high tolerance specifications.

Bright LED indicators provide an instant visual notification of temperature excursions from the user-programmed profile.

Quick View : If temperature reach than user-defined value, red alert will blinging

The IP67/NEMA4 rating enables the data loggers to be used in harsh environments while precisely recording temperature measurements. Optional humidity monitoring, temperature probes for pulp measurements, and RF signal, allow the blulog NFC loggers to adapt to specific monitoring needs.

The complimentary cloud based BluConsole software provides long life report storage and FSMA compliant reporting.

Printable PDF reports, graphs and charts, are automatically stored. Each logger has its own unique serial number for precise tracking and can be assigned aliases, making it simple to identify a specific product, pallet or location being monitored. Additionally, users can program loggers with security pin codes and measurement profiles. Commonly used profiles can be saved to the cloud for repeat use.

For more information, contact Meksem Engineering +90 216 399 2021 or

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Product Technical Information
Type of use
Single Use
Temperature scale
°C (°F optional)
Temperature Range
- 30°C to +60°C (-22°F to +140°F)
Measurement Interval
From 10 sec to 2 hours
Memory Capacity
5,000 measurements
Autonomy of battery
36 days
0.1°C (0.2°F)
Between 0 and 30°C : ± 0.2°C (0.4°F)
The rest of the range : ± 0.4°C (0.8°F)
80 x 50 x 2.5 mm
(3.15” x 2.0” x 0.09”)
10 g
Protection Class
IP 67
Data reading period post end of rec
2 years